Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm Carbon Offset Project from Ucapture

Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

Coke County, Texas, USA

Partnered with Terrapass

The Capricorn Ridge Wind Project is a large wind energy project in Texas - the first wind project in the U.S. to sell offsets under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). By supporting onshore wind farms, you are helping transition the U.S. to a permanently cleaner grid. Project Drawdown estimates that the world needs to invest up to $1.7 trillion in onshore wind energy to effectively reduce global emissions.

Why we chose this project


This project’s impact is verified by an independent third-party expert, Ruby Canyon Engineering, in line with the Verified Carbon Standard. The project captures continuous digital meter data on clean energy generation.According to the US EPA methodology, this project is helping to avoid over 952,000 metric tons of CO2e per year by displacing dirtier energy generation sources - that’s like taking 186,000 cars off the road.


This project was built to serve the spot market. Most wind projects that get built in the US rely on long term contracts. The fact that this project does not have a long term contract further supports the additionality of the offsets it is generating.


Implementing onshore wind energy requires significant infrastructure investment, making it a reliable and permanent form of emissions reduction.

Other Benefits

Economic benefits. The project employs a local staff of around 36 people and creates no resulting air or water pollution.

Vintage. We have a bias for more recent vintages on carbon offsets. If a project is still selling credits that it verified five years ago yet is still operational, it erodes the project’s case for additionality.

Equity & Justice. The climate crisis presents enormous equity and justice challenges. The poorest and most vulnerable populations in the world will be most affected by shifting climates. Where possible, we seek to support projects that benefit poor and vulnerable populations.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Affordable and clean energyUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Decent work and economic growthUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Industry, Innovation and InfrastructureUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Climate Action

Project Verifications

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Drawdown is a comprehensive, systemic plan to reverse global warming. This project supports Solution X, Onshore Wind Turbines.

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