Peru Forest Carbon Offset Project from Cool effect

Peru Forestry Project

Madre de Dios, Peru

Located in the lush primary forests of Madre de Dios, Peru, the Brazil Nut Concession REDD+ (Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) project is a collaboration with Bosques Amazonicos and the Madre de Dios Federation of Brazil Nut Concessioners to apply effective community-based conservation.

Why we chose this project


SCS Global Services and Environmental Services, Inc. verified that this project adheres to strict monitoring and reporting standards. This project protects over 350,000 hectares of forest from deforestation and is certified to the Verified Carbon Standard to prevent 14.5 million tons of CO2 emissions. Project carbon and baseline estimates are measured and scored via satellite by Pachama.


This project is located near a newly constructed highway through the Amazon, which has brought increased deforestation. A major goal of the project is to push the local economy towards the production of Brazil nuts, which can only be found in virgin rainforest.


20% of all credits issued to the project owner are set aside into a VCS-verified, shared buffer pool to insure against an event that causes unplanned carbon loss, such as a future wildfire. The buffer approach ensures that offsets purchased from this project are permanent in the case of an unforeseen carbon loss.


This project is segmented into many small parcels surrounding urban centers, leaving the region more vulnerable to leakage and deforestation pressure than usual. Nevertheless, Pachama has identified that regional deforestation rates are below anticipated values.


Pachama retires the credits on Joro’s behalf and issues a unique certificate. Joro is buying into the most recent vintage of credits available from 2015.

Other Benefits

Biodiversity. Madre de Dios is famous for its biodiverse and lush old-growth, lowland rainforests. Natural savannah spots the forestland near the border with Bolivia and a constant mist hangs in the cloud forests on the mountains of Manu. Several rare and endangered species find protection in these forests. Families of endangered giant otters reside along the Amazon river and more bird species than can be identified fill the canopy. The tree species this project supports include:

Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa)
Tornillo (Cedrelinga catenaeformis)
Shihuahuaco (Dipteryx Odorata)

Equity & Justice. Concessioner communities are highly dependent on the health of the local ecosystem, yet have few resources to protect it from illegal logging and deforestation. This project empowers the local community in Peru to protect their land and livelihood by increasing the economic value of the forest, implementing a forest monitoring and surveillance system, and strengthening legal and administrative frameworks.


Deforestation. Regional deforestation is lower than anticipated, but rising. The project takes extreme precautions to avoid illicit deforestation (including cameras, checkpoints, and patrols). We note approximately 0.9% deforestation in the ten years since the project's inception, a very low value.

Natural disaster. The region is not known for fires or large-scale natural disturbance. We know of no pests or invasive species that pose an imminent threat to the project.

Project Updates

Joro and Pachama will provide periodic updates on this project using satellite imagery.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - no povertyUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - zero hungerUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - quality educationUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - clean water and sanitationUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Decent work and economic growthUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - reduced inequalitiesUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - responsible consumption and productionUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Climate ActionUnited Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Life on Land

Project Verifications

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This effort supports the Project Drawdown solutions of Forest Protection, Tropical Forest Restoration, and Indigenous Peoples' Forest Tenure.

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