Brand Values

Bright and Bold

We take action. The future is bright, and so are we.

Real Talk

The climate crisis is scary. You can trust Joro to tell it like it is.


We’re powerful when we act together.

Company Values

Design for humans, deliver for humanity

We design for people first. We relentlessly prioritize delivering delightful experiences that people trust.

Own the challenge

There are no “not my problems.” We support each other and take our roles as teammates and community members seriously. We act with more than ourselves in mind and deliver beyond what is expected.

Live lighter

The climate crisis is heavy. But living lighter is joyful, creative, and empowering. We walk the walk, choosing lower-carbon options where possible. We create space to laugh, be humble, and embrace our full selves. None of us has all the answers on our own.

Aim high and deliver

We are unapologetically bold. We seek to create a future in which all people can contribute to a thriving planet. We set ambitious goals in our daily work and deliver consistently. Results matter.

Lead honestly, with data

We are rigorous in our analyses. We fail fast, learn quickly, and use data to make decisions. As information providers, we commit to intellectual honesty. We share information freely so everyone can understand the company’s larger goals. We commit to being honest, even and especially when it is hard.

Thrive from diversity

We represent our users’ diversity. We meet people where they are: no single approach is right for all people. We prize and intentionally cultivate diversity as a driver of performance. We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment.